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Project Description
SPAdmin is a small tool (C# console application) that lets SharePoint administrators in the current version "warm up" SharePoint Farm sites.

SPAdmin WarmUp Features:
- SPAdmin-WarmUp automatically determines which Web applications->SP Site are available in the Farm and performs the WarmUp for a SPWeb.
- It is possible to exclude up to 10 certain sites from WarmUp process. To set the exclude configuration update the App.config (ExcludeWarmUpValue1) file.
- It is possible to set up to 10 manual WarmUp values (WarmUpValue1). For example: for warmup search querys or central admin application.
- It is possible to activate the server host file update. The host file update can be useful if you have several WFE servers in NLB (Network Load Balancing) cluster.
- Logging in txt file
- Error Log Mail notification

I would happy about your feedback, ask, enhancement and bug reports :-).

This Tool is developed in C#.
Start Options – Command line arguments
- warmup (to start applications warmup)

As planned
- enumalldocs (to enumerate all farm docs)

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